A strong and reliable micro-particle lubricant

An advanced high multi-performance, scientifically formulated lubricant, recommended for Home, Automotive, DIY, and Industrial uses.

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What is Nano?

Jigaloo Nano micro-particle lubricant was developed in our laboratories using advanced state of the art technology and scientific data. This highly advanced lubricant combines micro-particles of Boron with silicones. On metal to metal surfaces, this lubricant fills the microscopic grooves and scratches. This reduces friction resistance, while translating it into a rolling dynamic.

Just about everything slides, rolls, turns, and spins better with Jigaloo Nano

It’s the all-around solution in a can!

  • Jigaloo Nano penetrates; it disperses water and protects moving parts even in a damp environment.
  • It penetrates and lubricates even through rust
  • Functions in temperature extremes.
  • Ideal under the hood as surrounding engine heat won’t affect the lubricant’s performance.
  • Simply spray to reduce friction, wear, and annoying squeaks. Recommended for metals, plastics, and wood surfaces.
  • With the 360 degree actuator, you can spray upside down or any position. Great for those tough to get to areas.
  • It won’t run or drip, or make a mess.
  • Open chains, and chain driven mechanisms stay lubricated
  • Use to protect tools in storage from moisture and oxidation
  • Long lasting formulation

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