The only oil-free, non-greasy lubricant that waterproofs and protects. No stains, no dripping, no scent. Jig-A-Loo is a real all-rounder that excels in all situations!

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More from the jig-a-loo family...


A strong and reliable

An advanced high multi-performance, scientifically formulated lubricant, recommended for Home, Automotive, DIY, and Industrial uses.

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Garage door lubricant

A reliable lubricant
for all garage door
moving parts and tracks!

Combining our long experience in developing, “solution specific” lubricants, and through years of research, we have constructed a revolutionary new type of lubricant. This addresses the lubricating needs of garage doors in all seasons, targeting specifically our Canadian winters.

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Performa PTFE

The superior ultra
dry lubricant

Performa PTFE is an ultra-dry lubricant with polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) with superior adhesion, displaces moisture and instantly lubricates where wet lubricants cannot be used.

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Graphite Extreme

Extreme temperature
graphite lubricant

Graphite Extreme is a serious, fast drying, ultra-thin high performance graphite-based lubricant that can be used in extreme temperatures from -50°C to 550°C.

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The ultimate
heavy duty lubricant

Super Grease is a heavy duty, high performance white lithium grease. It won't melt, run, wash off or freeze. It's perfect for the DIY or industrial use.

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Lubri Penetra

The super penetrating
antifriction treatment

Lubri Penetra is a super concentrated, super penetrating oil-based lubricant with antifriction treatment. Perfect for protecting the moving parts on all your tools and mechanisms !

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The heavy duty
Waterless & ragless
hand cleaner

Jig-A-Clean is very handy for a quick and easy cleanup. Keep a can in your car, in the garage, in your back pack and get rid of the dirt in seconds !

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